Titanium Travel Dryer


Built with the latest and great technology, Blowpro’s Blow Dryer cuts down drying time with an titanium plates and AC motor, 1875 watts. It also has six LED lights that will clean the inside of the dryer, blowing out clean air, promoting a healthier scalp! ✓ 1-year warranty ✓ FREE shipping with $50 purchase

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Additional information

Styling tips

For optimal styling results, use this dryer with a big round brush to dry your hair with natural waves, or dry with a flat brush for a straighter style. Run the hair dryer over your hair, keeping it a safe distance from your scalp to avoid burning.

How it works

Pure Air Technology has 6 white LED lights that provide antimicrobial properties to decrease bacteria and buildup inside the dryer improving airflow quality to deliver pure styles.
Titanium technology allows even heat distribution and faster drying time.
AC Motor is durable giving you a longer lasting motor with a lifespan of 1,000 hours.


Color: White/pink
18" H x 14" W x 12" D
AC Motor: 1400 Watts
Cord length: 10ft.
Titanium technology even heat distribution & faster drying time
Pure Air Technology: 6 LED lights provide antimicrobial properties
1 nozzle attachment
Travel bag with two detachable cosmetic bags
For directions, see "Additional Info"