Textstyle Dry Texture Spray


Textstyle Dry Texture Spray is a versatile formula allows you to set textured styles in just seconds. Quick-dry dispense provides dramatic definition that works to not only build desired texture, but controls grease and oil buildup. Our brushable blend of ingredients and Lasting-flex® technology with built in memory allows you to re-create your style the next day.

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5.6 oz / 190 ml

How it works

Lastingflex™ technology includes a combination of Starch, Silica and Flexible polymers that hold memory and create ample texture with added volume to finish your style.

The lightweight formula including truffle extract, basil flower and rooibos leaf extracts imparts a soft feel to the hair post use that is still brushable.

The powder/polymer combination dispenses a quick-drying formula that lets you style in seconds while the starch works to absorb oil throughout.

How to use

Spray on previously blown out hair at desired sections. To finish, scrunch with fingertips for all over buildable texture and lift. Use next day to revive style. Remember to shake well and spray 6-8" away


Proprietary Pure Protein Blend strengthens and protects hair for better blow dry results.

Safe for all hair types, including color treated and processed hair. Remember to shake well and spray 6-8" away.

Sulfate free, paraben free and sodium-chloride free. 100% Keratin treatment compliant.

Does not contain ethanol alcohol which can be damaging and stripping to hair.


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