Hydraquench Daily Hydrating Shampoo Mini


•A perfect blow out starts in the shower. Hydraquench daily hydrating shampoo cleanses hair without adding weight or dulling residue with our proprietary pure protein blend and phytokeratin complex
•Safe for all hair types, recommended for normal to dry hair
•Gently cleanses while saturating dehydrated tresses with the essential moisture they crave
•Creates a lavish lather to leave hair feeling clean but not stripped
•Hydrates without weighing hair down so that a noticeable shine is restored

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1.7 oz

How it works

•Protein-comple minerals repair broken bonds leaving brittle hair feeling clean and softer
•Soy and Vegetable proteins together provide a strengthening complex designed for shine and bounce
•Cell-renewal technology promotes healthy hair growth designed for daily use

How to use

Massage hydra quench daily hydrating shampoo into wet hair from the crown of your head to the nape of your neck. Rinse thoroughly with warm water before applying hydra quench daily hydrating conditioner.

Blowpro tips

•To promote healthy scalp and hair, massage your scalp to stimulate blood-flow
as you wet your hair
•Apply hydraquench daily hydrating shampoo at the crown to the nape of the neck creating a lather
•Every 30-45 seconds add warm water to open up hair follicle while messaging scalp
•Rinse thoroughly and repeat if you prolong washing to every other day