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Faux Dry Shampoo


The ultimate remedy for a tired blowout, blowpro’s ultimate beauty quick fix breathes life into your look in seconds. A blowout’s new best friend, blowpro’s faux dry / dry shampoo has a seemingly miraculous formula that revives weary styles and restores that salon finish, in an instant. Targeting the root and removing oil and build-up without water, faux dry re-energizes hair to its former ‘just blow dried’ glory for up to a whole day. A must-have for fresh hair post-workout.

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1.7 oz / 50 ml

How it works

In a single application of this translucent fairyweight powder, blowpro's faux dry / dry shampoo absorbs the excess oil that causes your blowout to wilt. Its specially designed applicator delivers a fine milled blend of micronized corn silk and proactive proteins directly to the root of the hair. Its translucent powder works for every hair color adding volume, gloss and vitality in one effortless application.

How to use

To transform tired styles, first divide your hair into equal sections. Hold bottle upright. Turn cap clockwise to expose nozzle. Holding upright, six to eight inches away from your hair, squeeze the middle of the bottle until translucent 'poufs' of fine powder appear. Massage into your scalp and brush or comb until hair appears refreshed and renewed.

Blowpro tips

Poufed too much? Spot dry the area of hair with a blow dryer and faux dry will instantly disappear.

3 reviews for Faux Dry Shampoo

  1. Michelle

    This is the perfect dry shampoo. It doesn’t leave your hair looking dusty and powdery. It builds volume and eliminates oil. I like to wash my very straight, fine hair at night and let it air dry. This product allows me to wake up in the morning, spray the product on roots and hair line and let dry while putting on my make up. Then I brush it through my hair, style and go. It’s awesome.

  2. Jessica M.

    This is my all time favorite dry shampoo. It works great and doesn’t leave a nasty film. It is a pump bottle and not an aerosol maybe that’s why it works so well. It doesn’t have a scent and I probably will use this a day or two without washing my hair.

  3. Julia

    This product did exactly what I hoped it would. I was looking for something to keep my hair looking clean, without the harshness of washing it every day. This product will take the oil and grease right out of my hair, even if I haven’t washed it for three or four days. It blended in pretty well. Only took a few minutes to apply. The smell is good, but faint which I appreciated. I really love when I put this in before bed, and in the morning my hair is full of volume! I will continue to use this product!

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