Blow Back Time Anti-aging Density Spray


Blow Back Time Anti-aging Density Spray instantly boosts density and imparts a movable, lasting fullness, restores strength and vitality; hair is left feeling soft and smooth and protects and prevents aging hair at all stages.

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4 oz / 118 ml

How it works

Micro-dispersed airflow application wraps each strand of hair with density-boosting “silipowders” that instantly create the look and feel of fuller hair.

Amino ricetein® complex binds natural moisture to the cuticle so hair is more flexible and agile.

Natural blend including Venuceane® and sunflower seed extract deliver broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) defense against the sun and other free radicals.

How to use

Shake well before using.

Holding can 6-8 inches away, spray on blown out hair where fullness and density are desired. Finish for youthful all day hold.


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