What is the process to apply to the blowpro professional program?
To apply to become a member of the blowpro professional site, please complete the online application form and submit it along with a photocopy of your cosmetology license. Your application will be reviewed and you will receive an acceptance or denial notice within 24-48 hours. If you are approved, we will issue you a special code to access the site. You can also mail in a copy of your license to blowpro 20411 Imperial Valley Dr. Houston, TX 77073
Who is eligible to apply?
Full-time stylists, Part-time stylists, booth renters and students (with temporary licenses) all qualify to purchase from the blowpro professional site.
Are there any shopping restrictions for purchasing on the blowpro professional site?
The order minimum is $50. Accounts with tax ID’s will not be taxed. Items purchased for your own professional use (not resale) are not taxed unless the stylist lives in NY or NJ. For professional use and salon retail only.
What is your shipping policy for the blowpro professional site?
Our special intro offer is $10.00 for standard shipping & handling for all orders between $50-$100. We will be offering Free Shipping for all orders over $100. All orders will ship will ship within 48 hours.  Orders are shipped and delivered on business days (Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.) All orders are subject to authorization. Only authorized orders will be processed and shipped. Our preferred shipping carrier is UPS. However, we reserve the right to use other shipping carriers. Sorry, we are unable to ship to P.O. Boxes. All items must be shipped to a valid street address. Please note that certain items require special handling as specified by federal, state and local regulations governing the transport of these items. The method of shipment (i.e. ground shipping) for these items is dictated by these regulations. Therefore, some items cannot be shipped outside the continental 48 states.
What is your return policy for the blowpro professional site?
Unfortunately, we can not accept returns or exchanges at this time.
What if a product is damaged?
Please contact us immediately if your product is damaged.
What is the blowpro perks program?
You will receive 1 point for every $1 you spend.  You can redeem these points at your leisure (10points = $1) for any item within the blowpro professional product lineup. Your points will not have an expiration date.
How can I contact customer service?
You can reach us by emailingcustomerservice@beautyelitegroup.com