Retro Waves 101

Retro Waves 101 - Step 11: Begin with hair blown out. Create a clean part and curl hair with a 3 1/2 inch curling iron. Curl sections inward towards your face.

Retro Waves 101 - Step 22: Spray new time to shine, 3-D illuminating mist throughout hair, adding multi -dimensional shine that will enhance your finished look.

Retro Waves 101 - Step 33: Wrap quarter inch sections of hair around your index and middle finger, following the same direction as it was curled. Once all hair is rolled, pin it with a duck bill clip.

Retro Waves 101 - Step 44: Take down pins + brush hair with a boar bristle grooming brush to separate curls while creating an undone retro style .


time to shine
3-d illuminating mist
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