Fishtail Chignon 101

A fishtail braid folded into chic chignon- who knew? We did (of course!). blow always has you covered with the latest and greatest designs, born right in our new york blow dry bar. Create this original and picture perfect do in 4 effortless steps. Curl, braid, pin and go. There’s nothing fishy about it.

Fishtail Chignon - Step 11: Use a medium barrel curling iron to create waves and texture from root to ends. Run fingers though waves.

Fishtail Chignon - Step 22: Gather hair to one side or all back to create a Fishtail braid: Separate hair into two equal sections. Use your index fingers to pull out a half-inch section of hair from the left crossing it over to the right. It’s important to pull sections from the back when you cross over to get the scaly look. Repeat with a half-inch piece from the right section, crossing it over to the left. Continue adding half-inch pieces until you reach the ends, and secure with elastic.

Fishtail Chignon - Step 33: Spread out the fishtail braid in areas to make it larger by pulling the braid with your fingers on both sides.

Fishtail Chignon - Step 44: Pin braid up at its base creating a chignon and secure with large bobby pins. Add texture and hold by spraying with After Blow Strong Hold Finishing Spray.


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