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How To Get The Fishtail Messy Bun As Seen On Under The Gunn

Episode 11 of Project Runway’s “Under The Gunn” was the Benefit Cosmetic’s challenge where the designers created pieces for real women with real issues. The blowpro team created hairstyles for the women that fit their personalities and lifestyles.

This messy, fishtail bun is perfect for an elegant yet trendy style that can be easily recreated at home.


Step 1:

Using a curling iron, begin to build body in the hair by curling 1″ sections throughout entire head. Spray textstyle dry texture spray on each section and you can choose to gently back comb with a styling brush for added texture.


Step 2: 

Once you’ve curled and back-combed, gather hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Separate 1-1 1/2″ section of hair to fishtail braid, clip away. Wrap remaining hair around the elastic and pin to create your messy bun.


Step 3: 

Fishtail the section you left out of the messy bun. You can also choose to create a classic braid. Secure the end of the braid with a clear elastic and wrap around the messy bun pinning into bun to secure.

Nick Approves!!!

Step 4:

Finish the look by spraying after blow strong hold finishing spray.

Straightening Iron VS Curling Iron Waves


Last night’s episode of Lifetime’s Under The Gunn featured some spring inspired loose curl styles. Waves can be created using two different techniques:


Straightening Iron Technique:


“The great benefit of using a straightening iron to create waves is that it produces more defined, longer lasting waves. Once mastered, it becomes the best way to achieve the beach-wave look in minutes.” ~Gregory Patterson

Step 1: To boost shine and add hold, spray each section with blowout serious non-stick hairspray. This spray’s formula is light enough to be used as a working spray when using irons. It drys in seconds and is ready for the iron to pass.

Step 2: Clamp the straightener halfway down a section and turn it back on itself.  Keep the iron at an angle and guide it down the section.

Step 3: You can continue this through the entire head of hair or select pieces to curl. Then using a dab of mane tame soft pomade, run fingers through the curls to break them up for a tousled, loose waves look.


Curling Iron Technique:


“Curling irons on the other hand provide a looser, less defined curl that doesn’t last as long. So this tool is best for a soft curl look.” ~Gregory Patterson

Step 1: Prep for your curls by following the same first step mentioned above.

Step 2: When using a barrel curling iron whether it is clip-less or not, we like to use the wrap technique as demonstrated by Gregory in the above picture. So take your section, sizes can vary, and begin to wrap around the curling iron leaving the end out. You can hold on to the end. This will create a curl with a little less definition which will give the look overall a more modern appeal.

Step 3: Again, curl the entire head or choose some pieces to add flirty, fun texture!


There are steps to achieve waves flat iron technique vs curling iron! Either way blowpro will help you create this spring’s trending style.


Shop the look:

Get the day-night twisted chignon from episode 9 of under the gunn

This week’s episode of Project Runway’s Under The Gunn on Lifetime was about creating designs that convert from a day look into night. The blowpro team’s challenge was to create runway styles that were fun for the day but chic enough to carry into the evening. Below, Lead stylist and global educator Gregory Patterson shows us how to create the winning look, a simple twisted chignon using blowpro hair care.

Begin by creating a deep part using the brow as a guide. Then pull back into a low ponytail, securing with an elastic close to the natural color of your hair. Once the ponytail is secured, split into two pieces and begin the twist.

Twist through the length of the ponytail.

One the ponytail is twisted, add some texture by gently pulling apart the twists of the ponytail.

Now simply roll your textured, twisted ponytail around you elastic and pin into place to create your messy, twisted chignon.

You have the option of a sleek front or leaving a few pieces loose to frame the face. Secure the look with afterblow strong hold finishing spray to ensure the style stays from day-to-night!


How to wear mixed textured hairstyles

The wet, mixed texture hairstyle continues making such an impact on the runway. This look has been seen slick with texture at the mid-lenths to ends, side wept and even pulled up on the runways. Gregory Patterson shares  how the blowpro team team created this look for Episode 8 “Unconventional Beach Party” of Under The Gunn on Lifetime in minutes backstage.



Begin prepping your hair by using a blow dryer to smooth hair away from the face and towards the back.

Using a golf ball size of body by blow, rake the no crunch mousse from the root towards the crown. “Using body by blow no crunch mousse will add the control & hold needed to keep the sleek part of this style together.” ~Gregory


Spray 5 pumps of beach blow texturizing mist onto your hand and begin scrunching the product through mid-lengths to ends. Beach blow with work with the natural texture in the hair to define waves and leave this look slightly matte.



Too add that high shine needed to create the “wet” look. Apply 2-3 pumps of weather girl pure anti-frizz serum from roots to crown in the same raking motion used to apply the body by blow. Lock the style in by spray after blow strong hold finishing spray all over.


How to create a textured messy bun


Part II: Braiding for Short Hairstyles

Ladies with short hairstyles, you do not have to miss out on this spring hair trend! Gregory Patterson discusses how to get the beautiful braided hairstyles we’ve been seeing on the runways using hair pieces and blowpro hair care.















Same prep as PART I, smooth hair by blow drying and applying faux dry dry shampoo to add lift.


Begin braiding the hair pieces. You can use clip-in hair pieces, just be sure the shade is very close to you hair color.

Once the hair is smoothed and you’ve braided your hair pieces, select your desired effect. You can pin them across your hair from ear to ear to create a crown braid for example. For the “Pompeii” challenge on Under The Gunn, the blowpro team created a “thorn crown” with the pieces. Basically, they back combed the braided hair pieces to add texture and create the illusion of thorns.














Once you’ve secured your pieces, lock in the style with after blow strong hold finishing spray and add tons of shine with time to shine 3d illuminating spray.