What blow is thankful for

We are thankful for all the incredible people we come into contact with every day. To hear that we are making an impact on your lives makes an impact on ours. Here’s a testimonial that brought tears to our eyes and helped us realize how thankful we are for our customers!

I just wanted to say thank you! I had an amazing experience at Blow. I never EVER wear my hair all down, and after my blow out on 11/15 I wore it down for the first time in 10+ years.

My hair looked amazing, I haven’t had it colored since Labor Day, and I looked like I had had my hair colored, cut, and styled.

I’ve been using a few of your products for some time now and after my blow out I went and bought almost the entire collection.

I think Chrissy was my stylist and please tell her THANK YOU (and if she ever moves to California, please let me know)!! I will be in next time I come to New York!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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