Stylist Vadim speaks out for volume and shine!

Today is Tips and Tricks Thursday! We will hear from Stylist Vadim for the first time! He has some splendid and easy tips for getting volume and shine for every type of hair. Here’s what he said!

“Ladies always approach and ask me, ‘how can I get volume and shine in my hair?’

To get that shine in your hair you need to first start by shampooing your hair thoroughly, using blow up daily volumizing shampoo, and blow up daily volumizing conditioner, both by blowpro. When you’re done with shampooing and conditioning your hair it is highly recommended to rinse your hair with cool water. This will allow the cuticle to lie flat. Now, to get voluminous hair, flip you head upside down and use the blow-drier to concentrate on your roots. When you feel your roots are dry, use a big round brush to style your hair. Finish your blow-dry by applying blowpro’s weather girl only on your mid shaft and the ends of your hair.”

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