Straightening Iron VS Curling Iron Waves


Last night’s episode of Lifetime’s Under The Gunn featured some spring inspired loose curl styles. Waves can be created using two different techniques:


Straightening Iron Technique:


“The great benefit of using a straightening iron to create waves is that it produces more defined, longer lasting waves. Once mastered, it becomes the best way to achieve the beach-wave look in minutes.” ~Gregory Patterson

Step 1: To boost shine and add hold, spray each section with blowout serious non-stick hairspray. This spray’s formula is light enough to be used as a working spray when using irons. It drys in seconds and is ready for the iron to pass.

Step 2: Clamp the straightener halfway down a section and turn it back on itself.  Keep the iron at an angle and guide it down the section.

Step 3: You can continue this through the entire head of hair or select pieces to curl. Then using a dab of mane tame soft pomade, run fingers through the curls to break them up for a tousled, loose waves look.


Curling Iron Technique:


“Curling irons on the other hand provide a looser, less defined curl that doesn’t last as long. So this tool is best for a soft curl look.” ~Gregory Patterson

Step 1: Prep for your curls by following the same first step mentioned above.

Step 2: When using a barrel curling iron whether it is clip-less or not, we like to use the wrap technique as demonstrated by Gregory in the above picture. So take your section, sizes can vary, and begin to wrap around the curling iron leaving the end out. You can hold on to the end. This will create a curl with a little less definition which will give the look overall a more modern appeal.

Step 3: Again, curl the entire head or choose some pieces to add flirty, fun texture!


There are steps to achieve waves flat iron technique vs curling iron! Either way blowpro will help you create this spring’s trending style.


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