Start the New Year with a BANG!!!

How to style a fringe for curly or naturally wavy hair.

Before & After:

So in 2013 with the help of Global Lead Educator Gregory Patterson, we transformed my hair and took 7+ inches off! THAT was liberating. Now the inches have begun to creep back and while I’m having fun with the medium length…2014 is inspiring another change….time for a BANG!

The challenge for my hair type and texture is that it is course and wavy. I described the situation to Gregory and here are his expert styling tips!

Step 1: When styling a fringe, it is the first thing you should approach. Protect from heat and begin to work in smoothness by applying you only smoother advanced smoothing spray raking it in with your finger tips.  Using a smoothing brush, similar to the ibiza tool pictured, direct the hair with your blow dryer to opposite directions across the forehead, similar to a wrapping technique. The goal here is to break the curl, wave and/or cowlick from their normal direction.

Step 2: Once smoothness is accomplished, begin the blow drying but maintain an angle. Never blow dry straight from the center, we want to create a more natural lift not a rounded effect.



Step 3: This style often requires an iron to seal the deal. Consider the same approach as blow drying when running the iron through; straight down on a diagonal with a slight bend on the end to create a chic, natural finish.

Step 4: After our consultation Gregory and I decided we wanted to create a fun textured look through out the rest of the hair. Using the iron and textstyle dry texture spray to add natural texture, volume and instant hold. He finished the look with a dab of weather girl pure anti-frizz serum to help add dimension and shine of course!

So I’m kicking of the New Year with a smooth and slick look in my bangs and a rock’n’roll textured long bob….you can have it all!!!!

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