Part II: Braiding for Short Hairstyles

Ladies with short hairstyles, you do not have to miss out on this spring hair trend! Gregory Patterson discusses how to get the beautiful braided hairstyles we’ve been seeing on the runways using hair pieces and blowpro hair care.















Same prep as PART I, smooth hair by blow drying and applying faux dry dry shampoo to add lift.


Begin braiding the hair pieces. You can use clip-in hair pieces, just be sure the shade is very close to you hair color.

Once the hair is smoothed and you’ve braided your hair pieces, select your desired effect. You can pin them across your hair from ear to ear to create a crown braid for example. For the “Pompeii” challenge on Under The Gunn, the blowpro team created a “thorn crown” with the pieces. Basically, they back combed the braided hair pieces to add texture and create the illusion of thorns.














Once you’ve secured your pieces, lock in the style with after blow strong hold finishing spray and add tons of shine with time to shine 3d illuminating spray.


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