Looks like blowpro is your Secret Santa this year!

We’re bringing you another week of seasonal specials! During week two of our lead up to the holidays, we want to give you a little something Xtra for Xmas.

For the next three days, when you spend $40 or more, our cheeky blowpro reindeer will also deliver a secret surprise just for you.

And just like those bright and shiny packages making their way under the tree, you won’t know what your special gift is until you open your package! Oh, the anticipation!

Will it be weather girl™, a truly weightless serum that withstands wintry weather so you can emerge from the cold as glamorous as ever?

Or perhaps it will be the perfect shower cap™, oversized to fit all hair types with 360˚ sealed protection to protect your blowout however long you spend in the shower.

Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll get textstyle™, a brushable blend of ingredients and Lasting-flex® technology with built in memory that allows you to re-create your style the next day.

With a value of $18-22, it’s exciting no matter how you wrap it!

As always, enjoy free shipping on orders over $30 and, when you order today, we can guarantee you’ll receive your purchase by Christmas!

blowpro’s Xmas Xtras surprise gift is only included when you spend $40 or more from midnight December 14th- 11:59pm EST December 17th. You’ve been so good this year–don’t miss out on your special surprise!

Stay home. Stay warm. Get saving!


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