How to create a textured messy bun














For episode 7 of Under The Gunn on Lifetime, the blowpro team had to get really creative to create looks that reflected the designers avant garde pieces. The team worked with materials such as, copper tubing, leather, and even a brass vase! In order to hold these materials, some serious texture was absolutely necessary to ensure a strong foundation for grip and to build drama.














A every quick & easy way to create texture in no time at all is with a crimping iron such as the Sam Villa pictured above. It works especially well for fine, smooth hair textures that do not typically hold styles for long periods of time.

On this particular model, Gregory only crimped selected sections of her hair to add strategic texture that would hold up through the runway experience. Pro-tip: Crimping also is a great way to avoid back-combing and build volume on fine hair by crimping underneath and along the top section of hair to rest over top, almost like building a foundation.











Once Gregory selects the pieces to crimp, he lightly sprays blowout serious non-stick hairspray to add hold for the crimps and a barrier for heat.

Then select a 1″ section of hair to crimp. Unlike a straightening iron, you do not run a crimping iron straight down through the lengths of the hair, rather you gently press the iron together , move down and press down again until you reach the ends of the hair.  Once the section is crimped, spray textstyle dry texture spray to hold your crimp. You can then choose to gently back-comb the section for added volume.

Gather all the hair into a high ponytail on top of your head, secure using a bungee. Twist the ponytail until it folds onto itself. Secure the bun using large french pins.

This look is intentionally messy and fun!










Blowpro team behind the scenes of episode 7.



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