Get the day-night twisted chignon from episode 9 of under the gunn

This week’s episode of Project Runway’s Under The Gunn on Lifetime was about creating designs that convert from a day look into night. The blowpro team’s challenge was to create runway styles that were fun for the day but chic enough to carry into the evening. Below, Lead stylist and global educator Gregory Patterson shows us how to create the winning look, a simple twisted chignon using blowpro hair care.

Begin by creating a deep part using the brow as a guide. Then pull back into a low ponytail, securing with an elastic close to the natural color of your hair. Once the ponytail is secured, split into two pieces and begin the twist.

Twist through the length of the ponytail.

One the ponytail is twisted, add some texture by gently pulling apart the twists of the ponytail.

Now simply roll your textured, twisted ponytail around you elastic and pin into place to create your messy, twisted chignon.

You have the option of a sleek front or leaving a few pieces loose to frame the face. Secure the look with afterblow strong hold finishing spray to ensure the style stays from day-to-night!


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